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Moschopoulos brothers O.E.
Building Materials - Sanitary ware - Tiles - Paints
- Insulation - Plumbing - Electrical Appliances - Lixouri Kefallinia


The company AFOI MOSCHOPOULI O.E. has as its main branches building materials, special building materials, pebbles and mosaics, paints and professional tools, electrical and construction. We cooperate and select the leading companies for the production and manufacture of materials based on reliability, functionality, energy saving, respect for the environment at the best price always in relation to the result... Everything for building!

To better serve the needs of its customers, our company has a privately owned fleet of 6 trucks. The transport and delivery of your orders takes place at your construction site, with crane vehicles (for delivering materials up to the 7th floor of a building), dump trucks (with a capacity of 5 to 22 cubic meters), a lime slurry transport truck with a capacity of 13 cubic meters.

Responding to modern construction trends, we are constantly evolving, constantly adding new products and services with the aim of providing full and immediate service to our clientele, which, apart from a large number of private individuals, numbers over 1000 active professionals (technical companies, construction companies, architects, civil engineers, building contractors and craftsmen).